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Photos by Nick 2014 Update

Photos by Nick 2014 Update Pittsburgh Photographer   From 2012 to 2013, a lot of amazing things happened with Photos by Nick and also our [...]

Pittsburgh At Night

Recently I did a shoot in the city for an ad for Westinghouse. I loved how they turned out and am thinking of doing a self portrait in this same setti[...]

Photos by Nicks New Promo Video

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers Photos by Nick Promo Video We actually put this promo video together last week and put it on our main page when we [...]

New Year Update

WOW! It has been a little bit since we have made some blog posts. Well, 2012 had us very busy with launching our new services, weddings, portraits, tr[...]

So You Want To Be A Photographer

So you want to be a photographer? You think you have what it takes? You think you take good photos? But you have no idea where to even start?! Well fa[...]

Editing Photos - The Endless Game

As a digital photographer, we have so many options for editing our photos. Everything from simple click a few effects and done to advanced processing [...]

2 Photographers Or 1

2 Photographers or 1? A common question I get often from not only brides but also a lot of photographers wanting to know why they should offer 2 photo[...]

Primes VS Zoom Lenses

I have been involved in numerous conversations on what the best lenses are to be used and why. When to use them and should you use a zoom or prime len[...]

Merry Christmas From Photos by Nick

We wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas in 2011. We hope you all enjoyed 2011 and we look forward to an even better 2012. Below is our Christmas c[...]

Remote Printing

A few weeks ago I was out with my wife and she got the funniest picture of my son with her iPhone. I know it was only an iPhone picture so probably no[...]

ProPhoto Blogs Review

If you have been a fan of Photos by Nick for more than 2 years, then you know that we have had 10 different websites since we started our business yea[...]

Drobo For Photographers Review

If you are a photographer and anything like me, then you are probably going nuts making backup after backup and having tons of hard drives all over yo[...]

Visual Supply CO Review

I miss shooting film. I miss the smell of developer, the anticipation while waiting to see what I had and the fun I had playing with different films a[...]

Family Photos From A Friend

The last time I had my photo taken from someone other than my wife or a candid from a friend was when I married my beautiful wife 5 years ago. The har[...]

Jill and Jeff's Canvas Print

I just wanted to share a photo we used for our canvas print we gave to Jill and Jeff for their wedding. I love this photo so much I may print it for m[...]

Camera To Proof To Final Print

So a lot of people are asking what the difference is between what comes out of the camera, the proofs and the final prints. You also wanted to know wh[...]