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So a lot of people are asking what the difference is between what comes out of the camera, the proofs and the final prints. You also wanted to know what we did to images that we print and what is put in to an album. Yes you get the proofs on the DVD when your wedding is completed and you are welcome to get prints done on your own. But if you get prints done through us, here is what you will get as an end result.

Straight out of the camera, your RAW file will look similar to this photo.

kmwed 296 Version 2 Camera To Proof To Final Print Doesn’t look bad for a picture straight from the camera with no edits done.

Then when we do the proofs for your wedding, you will get this image.

kmwed 296 Version 2 1 Camera To Proof To Final Print This image is cropped, color corrected and some minor edits were done to make this an acceptable image for basic printing by your home printer or local lab. It also is a better representation to what the image looked like on the wedding day when we took the photo.

Then when you get a print done through us or we add this image to your album, here is the resulting image you will get.

NIC0560 Camera To Proof To Final Print Notice the shadow from the steps is gone, the brides face is airbrushed and the colors are slightly more vibrant. We took more time on this image to make it near perfect for your prints and album. Your local lab will not do this for you and unless you know how to do this on your own, your own printing will not look like this either.

Then if you want a little bit of an artistic touch, we will then take the edit a step further to get a result like this.

NIC0560 1 Camera To Proof To Final Print We took this image and added a tint and then airbrushed the bride’s skin to keep a more natural look and finish so it did not get tinted and washed like the rest of the image.

I hope that this helps you all understand the difference from what comes out of the camera and how we edit for the proofs. The proofs are what you get in your online gallery, dvd and any prints you make on your own. The 3rd and 4th example are a good representation on what you get if you order prints through us and what will going to your album. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask icon smile Camera To Proof To Final Print If you want to see my post on what a RAW file is to have a better understanding on the entire process, please see this link.

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