ProPhoto Blogs Review

If you have been a fan of Photos by Nick for more than 2 years, then you know that we have had 10 different websites since we started our business years ago. We had everything from iWeb sites to flash sites from some of the popular photographer cookie cutter places. In the end, nothing compares to ProPhoto!

A few years ago we started a blog along side of our ever changing flash website. After many changes with our flash site and the cost and complications always going up, we decided to drop our flash site all together and just stick with a blog. Since we were already using ProPhoto since version 1 and already had a good foundation built; we deiced to just stick with them for the long run. We are glad we did!

ProPhoto 1 and 2 were good but not that simple to customize. So while we were transitioning out site to just a blog site, we were also experimenting with other blogging engines and companies. None of them could even compare to ProPhoto, especially with their customer service. Then ProPhoto came out with version 3 that just hooked us and made us a customer for life. Their new CMS was so much easier to use and quicker to get changes done. We were able to make changes to our site and it didn’t cost us more money like changing flash sites did. It only cost us our time to make the changes.

Recently version 4 of ProPhoto came out that introduced an even easier CMS backend and a boat load of new features for our user base. ProPhoto has become such a valuable tool for us and has helped us grow our business and online presence more than we could have ever imagined. Their customer service is top notch and helps me out all the time. I could email them tonight with an idea, problem or question and by lunchtime tomorrow I would have an answer. They are just amazing!

Finally I think we are at a point where our site won’t change too much for the time being. It will just adapt as the media changes and ProPhoto 5, 6, 7 and beyond comes out with new features and surprises. Then again, if we did want to do a whole new makeover, it wouldn’t be too hard since we designed our current site in about 4 hours.

So if you are considering having a blog, a website or both; then consider ProPhoto for 3 reasons.

1. Easy to figure out and use
2. Customer Service
3. Price is right
4. If you’re lazy, then you can purchase templates from their site or pay me to design it for you icon smile ProPhoto Blogs Review

OK, make that 4 reasons.But I could go on and make that list 100.

Thanks again ProPhoto! We love you!

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