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A Fun Engagement Session

In June 2013, Justin and Tiffany will get married and I am the lucky photographer who gets to capture those first moments. I had so much fun photograp[...]

Love At First Sight

There are people who touch our lives and who teach us valuable things. My wife's Grandparents are a prime example of this. My wife's Grandfather l[...]

Kim and Cody Sitting In A Tree

K...I...S...S...I...N...G First came love, next will come marriage in 2012 for this awesome couple! I met Kim and her fiancée Cody a few weeks back[...]

Happily Ever After

Back in 2008, I met a really fun couple and had the opportunity to document their wedding day. I remember their wedding like it was yesterday. The cer[...]

A Happy Mothers Day

Every year, people around the world drop what they are doing to celebrate one day of joy with their mother. They put the bad behind them and cherish t[...]

A Mother and Her Son

Taken with available light and home brewed light box to left with 220 watt bulbs in a frosted box. Camera: Nikon D300s Lens: Nikon 85 3.5 vr [...]